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Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Celebrating Cultural Diversity


Our planet is full of diversity: in plants, in species, and in cultures…. Here at Associates in Women’s Health Care, PC, we celebrate in the diversity of the beautiful and wonderful women who share our world… We may not speak every language, but we all share in the common  language of family, of trust, and of understanding… we strive to be culturally sensitive to women of all backgrounds and beliefs…

Celebrating Cultural Diversity


We know how difficult it can be to seek medical care within a different culture… Please assist us in creating the optimal environment for you, and we ask that you help us in this by letting us know if you have special needs based on your preferences for modesty or particular restrictions.


Celebrating Cultural Diversity


We welcome translators who accompany you, as this will assist us in providing you with the best possible health care.



Celebrating Cultural Diversity Celebrating Cultural Diversity